About Us--who we are, and where we are now!

What stemmed from a rainy-day project to entertain a preschooler, it snowballed into a bath bomb and soap business. Formerly known as "Hawthorn 1204 Apothecary & Patisserie", in 2022 we decided it was time to restructure and rebrand our business since we went through lots of changes over the years--as we fine-tuned our products and customer base.

Now we are primarily working as a husband-and-wife team. "Bubble Mom" is the main designer and creative mastermind, "Bath Bomb Dad" is the muscle, or "Sous Chef"--he hand presses out all the bath bombs and shower steamers, does most of the packaging, and most of the inventory. Mom formulates, designs and makes all soaps, designs bath bomb molds, paints bath bombs, creates all labeling, does all social media content, as well as works with other small businesses with collabs, and all the other not-so-fun administrative stuff, too! And the 2 kids occasionally help too, with making bath bombs, final touches on soaps, and with packaging, but really, we just want them to be kids. And the dog, well, he just stays in the house and works hard on his naps and being cute! It's hard being a spoiled pug!